Speed Dial Wildflowers

This week I thought I’d be able to write about snow melting and seeing some of the lovely green Eco-Lawn for the first time in many months…

Alas, winter has returned.


A snowy birdhouse…emptied by the squirrels no doubt.


But, for a few days in between its wrath, we did see some greenery.

Winter isn’t all bad: it’s a necessary process required for the germination of many North American wildflower seeds. Even if winter in your region simply means a cooler, rainy period, it’s enough to break that hard seed coat and facilitate spring germination.

We’ll talk about this in a little more depth in future posts but I really want to talk about spring.

Fortunately, there are some really amazing wildflowers that do not need winter. They will germinate with warm soil and some water…aka: spring.

And because we all love a good list, here’s one! The “Sow & Grow” or, as Miriam likes to say, the “Speed Dial” wildflowers.

No winter required, just a warm spring.

Purple Prairie Clover
Black-Eyed Susan
Canada Tick Trefoil
Pearly Everlasting
Evening Primrose
Culver’s Root
Dotted Mint
Lavender Hyssop
Mountain Mint
Helen’s Flower
Silver Sage
White Aster
White Yarrow

And with the exception of Sweetgrass, all of these native grasses will germinate without winter as well.

If you haven’t planned your garden yet (or even if you have), check out these great possibilities. Start them indoors for strong, healthy plants.

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Buying grass seed this spring? You MUST read this!

If you’re not already familiar with Eco-Lawn, you’re missing out:

2014 EcoLawn 5lb-small


- It’s drought-tolerant

- You can literally save hundreds of dollars on watering

- Significantly less fertilizing required

- It grows under pine and walnut trees

- You can choose to mow as few as 2 times a year with no negative outcomes



The list goes on and we honestly think it’s a fantastic alternative to any of the other grass seeds on the market. I know what you’re thinking: “It’s your own product. Of course you think it’s great.”

True, but we’re not the only ones.

The Most Important Customer Review You’ll Ever Read

A while back we received an email from Quinn, a Canadian customer who was impressed with his own Eco-Lawn. So impressed, in fact, that he decided to do a little experiment to try and understand the hype surrounding the other available grass seeds.

For the experiment, Quinn used Perfect Patch, PatchMaster, a Coated Blend and our Eco-Lawn seed. Growing the seed in peat moss for two weeks, he watered consistently. At the start of the third week, he cut off the water supply completely! After thirteen days with no water, can you guess which is which?


Quinn says, “My grass seed test: no water for 13 days. Guess which one is Eco-Lawn?! Perfect Patch left, PatchMaster right, the coated seed far right…”

Quinn adds, “At first the Perfect Patch and coated seed grew longer, quicker and sooner. But then the Eco-Lawn not only caught up with the other brands, it surpassed them; and that was after I cut off the water supply.”

Quinn’s final words on why he bothered to do this experiment? “I hear the local hardware guys bragging all the time about these other products and I always kind of snicker. I farm on the side and I just wanted to do it. It’s good to know when you are planting this stuff that it’s the best.”

Thanks Quinn! It’s amazing to see such enthusiasm and commitment to a product that we believe in so much!

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A Warm, Wild Welcome

First off, thanks for taking the time to scoot over to our brand new blog; you’re in for a real treat! Twenty-fourteen is going to be a big year for Wildflower Farm and we’ll be using this blog to keep you informed and up-to-date but also to hold contests, share knowledge, and provide you with something interesting, entertaining, and above all, useful to read each week.

Think wildflowers and meadows, lawns and grass seed, book reviews and videos, and practical advice to get you and your garden riding the same wavelength.

Join us every Thursday for a new posting and, as always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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Taming Wildflowers

This year has also seen the launch of Miriam’s new book, Taming Wildflowers.

Taming Wildflowers is jam-packed with beautiful, full-colour photos, helpful information about how to grow wildflowers from seed, and how to create your own unique wildflower designs.

Interested in having Miriam speak at your event with a book signing? Send her an email.

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A Few Blog Features

The blog here is fairly straightforward but I’ll point out a few cool features you’ll want to check out.

  • At the top you’ll notice an Events page that will take you to our calendar. We have talks and book signings booked all summer and we’d love to see you there!
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We are all very excited to get these blogs underway and we’re just as excited that you’re here to join us!

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