A Special Visit to Wildflower Farm

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  Nothing in the world beats a walk through nature – be it a forest, botanical garden or your very own wildflower paradise. Here at Wildflower Farm we are privileged to walk among wildflowers each and every day.

This week’s Wildflower Farm vlog (video + blog) features 18 wildflowers and native grasses wrapped in an experiential bow.  As you tour Wildflower Farm’s many gardens and meadows I hope you will enjoy the extraordinary beauty of these hardy North American wildflowers.

      My partner Paul and I continue to dedicate our lives to providing the wildflower seeds that grow your wildflower meadows and gardens and the knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

     Which wildflowers are right for you? You’ll discover the wildflowers designed by nature to succeed in your landscape when you visit the Wildflower Farm seed selector.

Dreaming of a wildflower meadow? Let’s make it happen!

Fall is the BEST time to start wildflowers from seed. 

Need some help? We’re just a call, a text or an email away.

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