Oh Happy Day !!

Big Blue Stem turns a rich rust color after the first hard frost.

Big Blue Stem turns a rich rust color after the first hard frost.

Oh Happy Day!

Fall is a complicated time emotionally for most of us.

Autumn begins with the upbeat excitement of new beginnings; that start-of–the-school-year feeling mingled with the crisp air and colour explosions of autumn.

Then, a certain darkness descends. We put on a jolly good show to keep sadness at bay. But inside we weep for summer’s demise because we know the truth. It’s time once again to prepare our emotional fortress to fend off winter’s cruelty.

Today I took the opportunity to walk the quiet, green pathways of my wildflower meadows and was soon comforted by its flagrantly joyful display. Everywhere I looked I found great comfort; backlit magical circles and blades of puffery; dark brown seed spikes towering over yellow and cream colored insect landing pads  and the welcome sight of half-eaten seed heads waited patiently to be consumed.

What a show. Be comforted all ye who weep at winter’s looming arrival.

Let Us Rejoice in the purposeful beauty of nature.  

Walk with Me.






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