A short while ago, I started some Zinnia seeds atop an old refrigerator. Within a few days my seeds had sprouted and the little green shoots were greeting me every morning. Today, my partner, Paul, and I live on 100 acres of native wildflowers and grasses we so humbly call Wildflower Farm. We harvest, by hand and with specialized equipment, all of the seeds sold at Wildflower Farm from the acres here.

Looking back, many seemingly obvious events had pointed me toward the path I ended up following, but it was that Zinnia experience that gave me the ultimate shove. And among the acres of native, perennial wildflowers I do still grow annual Zinnias every year.

Growing, drying, gardening, and designing with native wildflowers over the years has made me truly appreciate the almost unbelievable possibilities wildflowers have to offer. I have learned that wildflower arrangements, bouquets, and even weddings are stunning. Maintaining wildflowers and meadows, almost effortless. A combination you really can’t beat with finicky non-native annuals and perennials.

In February, 2014, I fulfilled one of my dreams when I published my first book, Taming Wildflowers. It was an uplifting and rewarding experience and one I certainly couldn’t have been happier about. Many good things are on the way and I’m excited to be able to share them with you here in this blog.

It’s so important to include wildflowers in our public and private landscapes. I’ll be blogging about environmentally friendly gardening methods that sustain the pollinators and beneficial insects. I hope to encourage you to spend less time on unnecessary high maintenance lawn and garden tasks and more time enjoying what the natural garden has to offer and I hope to surprise you along the way.

Happy gardening and, as I always say, there’s no such thing as too many flowers!!

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