Why Create a Meadow?

Are you dreaming of a wildflower meadow? Do you want a bucolic display of flowers blooming from spring through fall?
Would you like to attract butterflies and songbirds to your property?

By sowing the seed for your wildflower meadow you can have all that and more! And the best part?

Growing a wildflower meadow is easy!

While it is true that some time and patience is required, with the right seeds, careful planning and some well-timed management you too can have the living-living wildflower meadow of your dreams. Wildflower Farm offers the highest quality native seeds along with detailed step-by-step instructions based on our 25 plus years of experience growing wildflowers and native grasses.

Besides offering breathtaking sights, a wildflower meadow is also a dynamic landscape that creates habitat by providing nectar, food and cover for numerous butterflies, songbirds and a host of small mammals for you to enjoy and observe.

Furthermore if soil erosion is a concern, strategically positioned wildflower meadows can help prevent this as the deep root systems of a meadow provides soil stabilization. Your future meadow could be a small, open, sunny patch in a corner of your yard, or it could be several acres. In the long haul, you will have created a natural ecosystem right on your property that is low maintenance and requires no watering or fertilizer. These are much sought-after rarities in modern landscaping.

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