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Wildflower Farm is pleased to offer an extensive selection of organically grown, non GMO, North American native wildflower seeds. To choose the best wildflowers for your property, scroll through the list below or try our Seed Selector Tool where you can select the best seed for your property based on your site specific growing conditions and/or by your state or province. Or search for seeds in the top corner of the page.

All Wildflower Farm seeds are hardy through growing zone 3, organic and non-GMO.

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Baptisia bracteata - Cream False Indigo
Cream False Indigo is a low-growing wildflower featuring gorgeous clusters of lush cream-coloured..
Baptisia sphaerocarpa - Yellow Wild Indigo
Yellow Wild Indigo is an extremely long-living plant. It produces beautiful large yellow blossoms..
Callirhoe bushii - Bush's Poppy Mallow
This drought-tolerant, uncommon native plant naturally occurs in rocky open woods and glades. Bus..
Callirhoe involucrata - Purple Poppy Mallow
Purple Poppy Mallow is a very rare native plant that produces a non-stop show of attractive, cup-..
Callirhoe digitata - Fringed Poppy Mallow
This drought-tolerant, uncommon wildflower naturally occurs in dryish, rocky soils. Fringed Poppy..
Caltha palustris - Marsh Marigold
One of the first wildflowers to bloom during the spring, Marsh Marigold lifts the spirits with it..
Campanula rotundifolia - Harebell
Native to much of North America’s dry grasslands and semi-shaded woods, Harebell is a delicate wi..
Ceanothus americanus - New Jersey Tea
This compact, dense shrub becomes covered with cylindrical clusters of tiny, fragrant, white flow..
Chelone glabra - Turtlehead
Turtlehead gets its name from the shape of its unusual flowers, which resemble the heads of snapp..
Coreopsis lanceolata - Lanceleaf Coreopsis
This daisy-like flower with bright yellow rays makes an excellent cut flower that lasts about sev..
Dalea purpurea - Purple Prairie Clover
The bright purple and gold-flecked flowers of Purple Prairie Clover appear in mid-summer. Stunnin..
Delphinium exaltatum - Tall Blue Larkspur
This is our native delphinium! Spikes of spurred, brilliant blue, flowers appear atop the 3-6' st..
Desmodium canadense - Canada Tick Trefoil
As a the legume, Canada Tick Trefoil improves the soil by adding nitrogen naturally. This plant's..
Dodecatheon meadia - Shooting Star
Dodecatheon meadia is one of the more unusual spring blooming wildflowers! Its pointed rocket-sha..
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