Eco-Lawn Sampler Pack

Eco-Lawn is a blend of carefully selected fine fescue grass seeds developed by Wildflower Farm. Eco-Lawn grows in full sun, part shade and even deep shade! Highly drought tolerant, once established, Eco-Lawn has a beautiful deep green grass colour. Eco-Lawn requires less fertilizing and can be mown like a regular lawn or left un-mown for a free-flowing carpet effect.

Size: Sampler Pack

Coverage: 1 square foot (0.0929 m2)


* Naturally adapted to a broad range of soils and climates
* Fast germination and early spring green-up
* Highly drought tolerant, reduces irrigation 50-100%
* Slow growing - reducing mowing by at least 50%
* Grows well in full sun, part shade and even deep shade
* High levels of endophyte for increased insect resistance
* Little to no fertilizers required
* Develops deep roots to source water and nutrients naturally
* Attractive erosion control on steep, unmowable slopes
* Rich dark green colour
* Salt tolerant
* Ideal low maintenance turf

Eco-Lawn Sampler Pack

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