Moss Milkshakes

Do you have a damp, shady spot where nothing will grow?

Would you like to create a rock garden, a water feature or enhance your woodland garden?

Moss is unparalleled in its timeless beauty. This lush green plant, used for centuries in many Japanese Zen gardens, is capable of creating a serene, tranquil atmosphere in ways others cannot. Moss adds an amazing degree of serenity and timeless beauty to any garden.

With our Moss Milkshake™ growing moss has never been easier!

Because of its low profile growth habit, moss makes an excellent alternative groundcover for areas of your yard that are shaded, or pathways where it is difficult to grow grass. Moss thrives in shade! The neatly tailored look that moss provides is perfect for accentuating and showcasing other, smaller woodland shade gardening plants and ferns!

Makes a really unique gift!