The video above was made by Sheridan Nurseries about Eco-Lawn

"I think the Eco-Lawn ought to be planted as widely as possible. These grasses are better for the environment, use less fertilizer and water and require less mowing. They're the kinds of grasses that were growing here when the first settlers arrived; since they don't rejuvenate fast enough to sustain cattle, the settlers when back to Europe and collected the seeds of what we now call Kentucky bluegrass. If you like mowing every five days in the spring, plant Kentucky blue and knock yourself out. But if you only want to mow a few times a year, Eco-Lawn might be a good choice for you."

Paul Tukey, Founder, SafeLawns.org Bloomfield, CT

"After experimenting with other grass seeds and getting poor results, we offered Eco-Lawn to the residents of the City of Kelowna as a way to reduce water consumption during our very dry summers. Our residents are thrilled with their new Eco-Lawn's as they have reduced their lawn maintenance, reliance on pesticides and fertilizers, and now enjoy beautiful lawns. And WaterSmart is thrilled since we are reaching our goal of reduced water consumption. We couldn't have asked for better results."

Neal Klassen, WaterSmart, Kelowna, BC

"I recently put Eco-Lawn down on my lawn and it grew in places where I've never been able to get grass to grow. My Eco-Lawn looks so good that I recently began growing Eco-Lawn on my golf course."

Greg Barker, Superintendent, New England Country Club, Bellingham, MA

"Previous customer of Eco Lawn. My first Eco Lawn is in the 94546 area code. This order will be in the 95338 area code. I've been very happy with the look and feel of the grass. And the slow growth means I'm not mowing every week!"

Mark Sandfort, Castro Valley, CA

"I am a previous customer. The original owner of our home installed this lawn 6 years ago and I am over seeding to slightly expand the lawn. It is the only seed that has consistently worked in a very shaded wet environment in East Tennessee with poor soils."

Adrian Potgieter, Sharps Chapel, TN

"We used Eco-Lawn 2 years ago, top-seeding a large area of lawn that was burnt out and several medium size areas that had been plowed to virgin dirt. We have lots of shade on our property but Eco-Lawn grows well everywhere. It's a big relief from the fertilize-water-mow cycle we had been on."

Rob Pyke, Fairfield, CT

"Well, I finally have my Eco-Lawn in and it's beautiful. The green color is so deep and pretty. I wasn't sure whether to this as in Bakersfield, CA we regularly get up to 110 degrees in the summer, however, I am SO glad that I did."

S. Terry, Bakersfield, CA

"Great product! Re-seeded part of my lawn this past spring - WAY beyond my expectations!"

D. Gawne, Reed City, MI

"Just wanted to say how impressed I am with this product. I purchased it 3 years ago and it is still the best and softest grass in my backyard. I had a problem with digger wasps which is almost disappeared. Thank you!"

J. Chandler, Toronto, ON

"We are very happy with our lawn. It has grown into a nice dense turf. We get compliments and questions from visitors, especially after they walk on it."

L. Cronin, Greensburg, PA

"I can't express how fantastic this grass looks and behaves. We get lots of comments on it and now others are adding it to their landscaping in the Creston area."

P. Bloodworth, Creston, BC

"The side of my house faces north, and I not been successful in growing grass on this north side until I planted Eco-Lawn.
I planted the grass in the fall of last year and returned in August of this year to a beautiful long bladed grass.
Thank you for your product."

C. Tixier, Lake Okoboji, IA

"I purchased 5 bags 2 + years ago. It is growing beautifully. Stays green in heat of Summer!"

H. Spaulding, Wilmington, DE

"I used Eco-Lawn and I have to say it is a great product with many satisfied customers, Thanks!"

Hiroki Okazaki, Hiro Landscaping, Los Angeles, CA

"It's great to find an innovative product like Eco-Lawn that's ready to help us adapt to climate change."

F. James, Toronto, ON

"I like it very much, it makes the lawn look smooth and appealing. I love it and will use it always!"

Richard Y, Los Angeles, CA

"We now have the lushest, greenest patch of grass I've ever seen on our property!"

Karen B., Falls Church, VA

"Very Satisfied. This grass truly does what it says. Bought a house that had been overgrown with weeds. I tilled the soil and planted this seed. I like that it sprouts much faster than seed like Scotts which is a well known brand. It did take a couple of months for the grass to get hardy, but when it did it looks amazing. I used Scotts in the front and wish I used Wildflower Farm's Eco-Lawn as I did in the back. I mow the grass high and am really impressed on how it dominates any attempt with weeds trying to invade."

Doug J. Cambridge, MA

"Seriously, this grass is the softest stuff I�ve ever had the pleasure of running over. You never have to cut the stuff � it just falls over, stays short, and looks good. The only grass I plan on using around my new home. Screw mowing the lawn!"

Michael D., Homossa FL

"Eco Lawn is the BOMB!!! Prepped and seeded in December and now have a lush, beautiful yard. No longer need to water 2-3 times a week which is often not enough in Florida. NO MOWING!!! A few of my neighbors are now using the product with the same excellent results. I would recommend this to anybody. Exceeded my expectations."

Donna D., Stockton, NJ

"I have to say, I really like this grass, it's sure low maintenance. I cut about 1/3rd as many times as my neighbours."

Joel F., Saskatoon, SK

"Great Product. I have used this seed in the past and just needed a little to patch some damage I had caused. Product performed wonderfully - as expected. I wish everyone would use this seed. This could eliminate the need for noisy, polluting lawnmowers.
Once the grass is "established" (takes a couple of months at least to reach this stage), it is close to "bulletproof". It seems to like being walked and driven on. Weeds don't like it (probably because the root mat is so thick). It likes a drink now and then but can go for quite a while without rain. And, the grubs don't seem to like it. (No idea why but my neighbors have grubs and I have no evidence of them.)
I love this stuff."

Stephen B., Medford, NJ

"I found you on the internet and purchased some seed over a year ago. I just overseeded, but now I've decided to burn my existing lawn and replace it with eco-lawn because it looked and felt so much better. Thank you!"

K. Robinson, Kansas City, MO

"I love my Eco-Lawn! It lots of positive comments from neighbors and passer-bys."

R. Matheson, Albany, CA

"When we first decided to try Eco-Lawn -- living in Medicine Hat, Alberta, one of the sunniest places in Canada -- we were cautiously optimistic.  Wow, it really IS that good!  Not only does this grass need much less water and maintenance, it feels soft and cushioned.  The kids love playing on it and I don't have to keep them off because of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.  Thank you for such a great, ecologically responsible product!"

Greg and Tanya, Medicine Hat, AB

"I LOVE Eco-Lawn !!!"

T. Patton, Saint Paul, MN

"I planted eco lawn last year at my house in Boulder. I literally catch people stopping while they walk by to stop and feel the grass. I let it grow to full length which looks amazing. I get regular requests, in fact I have a hand written note in hand right now asking what the grass is and where they can purchase it."

M. Mikuta, Boulder, CO

"We need more of this in Southern California"

D. Jennings, Lakewood, CA

"Eco-Lawn is the BOMB! No longer need to water 2 - 3 times a week. My neighbors are now using it with the same excellent results. I would recommend this to anybody. Exceeded my expectations"

Donna D., West Palm Beach, FL

"My mother purchased some grass seed for me, and the results are amazing!"

M. Williams, Creve Coeur, MO

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how great my Eco-Lawn is doing. I was the only one in the neighborhood this hot summer that had a lush green lawn and the neighbors can't figure out how we do it. I keep on telling them I never water or fertilize. They don't believe me they think I have some crazy secret on how to keep my grass green.
I do have one major problem which is driving me crazy. I can't get my husband to stop mowing the lawn. I keep telling him to just leave it but he won't. I think he's showing off to the neighbors (kind of rubbing it in) that he can move his lawn and they can't because all the lawns in the neighborhood are all dead and ours is doing great. What a show off. Thanks so much it's a great product."

Sharon Morris, Pembroke, NH

"We are very pleased with the Eco-Lawn. We keep our mower deck at the highest setting, and mow less often (less than half) than ourneighbors do. Thanks!"

S. Menzie, Grand Ledge, MI

"I love your product! Saves alot of time mowing and watering."

A. Drum, New Knoxville, OH

"I mow my Eco-Lawn about once every 2 weeks, and it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL right after being cut! Make's my neighbor's "SCOTT's" 'chemo'lawn look like it's got the mange."

A. Rostkowycz, Sterling Heights, MI

"Love this grass!"

B. Beniek, Mendota Heights, MN


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