Water Savings Calculator

How much water does it take to water your lawn? How much money do you spend to water your lawn?
Eco-Lawn saves you money and saves water for the planet!
Find out how much!

After deducting the average rainfalls for your city (see below for statistics source)*,
your current lawn demands that you pay for 0 gallons of irrigation water each year!

Once established Eco-Lawn will need 0 gallons of water.

That saves you from wasting 0 gallons of water each year!

Watering your old lawn costs you $0 each year!

Eco-Lawn will cost you $0 to water all year.

Grow an Eco-Lawn and reduce your water bill by at least $0 each and every year!

Save Time, Save Money & Save the Environment!

Experience what thousands of people across North America already know -

Grow an Eco-Lawn!

* Where do these statistics come from?
Traditional turfs require a minimum of one inch of water per week during the growing season. Every 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn requires 624 gallons of water to receive one inch of water. Using historical precipitation and temperature data from usclimatedata.com and weather.com, we have determined the typical number of watering weeks required each year for each city listed. The calculator determines how much irrigation water your lawn needs after deducting the average monthly rainfall for your area during the growing season.(We assume that you do not water your lawn during the weeks that it rains.)

Note: Water prices quoted are based on data available on the web sites of the cities listed and are current as of June 2024. Water prices shown are volume charges only and are based on "single family" customer rates except where irrigation rates are provided. When irrigation prices are provided these rates have been used.

Prices shown do not include base charges, meter charges, sewer charges, taxes, surcharges or any other costs other than direct water costs.

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