Your Meadow's Surroundings

Inspect the surrounding areas of your future meadow. Look for weedy or aggressive plants that spread by underground rhizomes or seeds that are dispersed in the wind.

A nasty field of thistles

These include: Thistles, Quackgrass, Smooth Bromegrass, Johnsongrass, Canada Goldenrod, Grey Goldenrod, Grey Dogwood, Sumacs, Buckthorn, Tatarian and Japanese honeysuckles, and multiflora rose, to name a few. For more information on invasive and weedy plants, you can visit Environment Canada or the United States Department of Agriculture.

To reduce the spread of weedy visitors to your meadow, plan to keep a mowed strip at least 10 feet (3m) wide between your meadow and areas with unwanted plant life. It is best to mow this strip every year in late July before the plants go to seed.