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Here are some links to podcasts we've been on:

ORGANIC GARDENING PODCAST - An interview with Miriam

“DOWN THE GARDEN PATH” RADIO SHOW - An interview with Miriam

Horticulture Magazine - Smart Gardening Workshops

Living the Country Life

An interview with Miriam

Close to Home with Mary Beth Breckenridge

The Mike Nowak Show

You Bet Your Garden with Mike McGrath

Living the Country Life

Interview with Kate Copsey

Debra Prinzing - slow flowers podcast

Interview with Niki Jabbour

Interview with Ken Druse

Wildflower Farm has been featured in the following publications:
Click on the images to enlarge them.

Jane Tanner
Growing for Market Jan. 2019
Mickey Stobbe
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Apr. 2018
Marjorie Harris
The Globe & Mail Sept. 2016
February 2016
Pollinators Paradise Project
November 2015
The Globe & Mail
September 2015
April 2015
Sunset magazine
April 2015
Wildflower Magazine
Fall 2014
Dallas News
October 2014
Chicago Tribune
October 2014
Modern Farmer
July 2014
Savvy Gardening
May 2014
The Detroit Free Press
February 2014
The Winnipeg Free Press
July 2012
The Green
April 2012
February 2012
Green Living Magazine
June 2011
Urban Sustainable Living
May 2010
The Santa Monica Argonaut
April 2010
June 2009
Toronto Star
May 2009
Metro News
April 2009
Landscaping & Groundskeeping
November 2008
Horticulture Review
October 2008


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